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This products are fully organic and healthy...
Good Product
Thanks for making the ONLY snack that’s totally pure and tastes great too!
I just had to write and tell you that you have the best tasting raw gluten free wraps I have ever had!!!! I didn’t know I could get them from you directly (we are in NJ), but will def order soon!! Compared to other gf wraps we have tried-yours actually roll like a real wrap and have a wonderful flavor. Thanks for making such a great product!

Welcome to the "YShopawareness"

Welcome to Shop Awareness, The YShopawareness Market place, where you are also self responsible to buy healthy food for you , your family and also for our world family. We all desire to eat food that is pure, free from toxins, poison but rich in nutrients including anti-oxidants that will insure good health. To make this happen, from our side we can do the following.
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    Why YShopawareness?

    Some of us are health conscious and buy naturally grown organic products at a higher price.. 

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    Functional foods at YShopawareness

    Antioxidant nature of food is very crucial for preventing..

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Our Roles

We show Transparency to customers and that will be the key of this shopping site. You will know where the food comes from, from the initial stage to the final stage where it ends in your home.

Show Transparency

We screen for trustworthy farmers and merchants who care for the planet and our health, and allow or facilitate them to sell their products.

Trustworthy farmers

We make sure that all the products that we sell have accomplished quality at all the five levels of our YShopawareness certification program.

Your Roles

You register at so that you will be aware of the quality of food and other products, and receive the quality you pay for.

Empowering farmers

Register yourself at so that you can be aware of what you eat and get quality food for the price you pay.


You spread awareness to friends about this project.