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Kapil Nalam Native Castor Oil -100 gm

Nalam's Native castor oil is very healthy and the richness of this oil is due to the following reasons:
  • Nalam Castor Oil is hand-made.
  • It is prepared by roasting and hand-pounding castor beans.
  • Heating the pounded beans in tin-coated vessels.
  • This ensures the separation of high-quality castor oil.
Shopawareness -Nalam castor oil is manufactured in the traditional way and this involves roasting castor beans, pounding and skim boiling to obtain the purest castor oil. The oil thus obtained contains high medicinal value and is safe for babies, children and adults. Except pregnant women and those with liver failure, this oil can be regularly taken in small quantities as part of their diet. It cleanses the gut, liver and the whole body.