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Nano charcoal powder 75 gm

NANO Charcoal- Tooth Powder (GIFTS) – Netwt 75gms – It will come for 6 months or more for a family members because this tooth powder is very concentrated compared to other Organic tooth powders in the markets. Description GIFTS Nano charcoal (Umikari)-ToothPowderWe wanted to supply customers an effective tooth powder that is safe for children even if swallowed accidentally turns out to be healthy. Is there such a magic Tooth powder? Yes, GIFTS charcoal, nature true gift for healthy teeth and healthy lifestyle.There are several studies showing that activated-charcoal is an antidote to adsorb to remove toxins in hospitals when patients have accidentally ingested toxic chemicals. Please click this link to see several hundred such reports.Our research studies with GIFTS charcoal shows it is effective in adsorbing toxins and therefore safe if your child accidentally swallows our tooth powder while doing oral cleaning.