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Kapila Nalam ARK (100gm)

Kapila Nalam ARK 100(gm)
Arka –100 ml This product is tested by 16s DNA sequencing for microbiome content. Product is made with A2 cows urine of Kangeyam and Umbalacheri cows. Mix with Garlic, jeera  Arishta   Mix arishta with equal quantity of water or Arka for even better results.

Kapila Nalam Veins Cream OUT (6gm)


Kapila Nalam Veins Oil IN (100ml)


Nalam Anti Dandruff Hair Oil – 100 ml

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Kapila Nalam Jiraka Arishtam (100 gm)

Kapila Nalam Jiraka Arishtam (100 gm)
Mix Arka with equal quantity of water or arishta for even better results.

YSA Herbal Hair Oil – 100 ml

YSA Herbal Hair Oil has a unique natural formulation of herbs that stimulate the growth of hair follicles, enhances sebum on your scalp, prevents dandruff and hair fall.  This hair oil can also make hair softer and strengthen hair from root to tip. Nine herbal Ingredients including Amla, Bhringraj, Gotu kola, coconut oil and sesame oil that rejuvenate hair color and slow down graying. This hair oil is free of toxic chemicals, synthetic detergents, fragrances, petrochemicals and allergens that are harsh on the scalp and hair.

Kapila Nalam Hair Oil – 100 ml

Kapila Nalam hair oil is a completely natural hair oil for growth made with a unique formulation. It is made up of Nalam castor oil with herbs such as Hibiscus, Bhringraj and Gotukola that are good for hair growth. Castor oil helps to strengthen hair follicles which in turn reduces hair fall and eventually stops it. The fatty acid present in castor oil can also fight inflammation on the scalp. No chemicals are added in the hair oil making it safe and beneficial for hair growth. The ingredients in the oil stop hair fall immediately and also prevents greying of hair. With regular use, Nalam hair oil helps to improve the thickness of hair. Nalam hair oil can be applied overnight and then washed off in the morning. This way, the oil penetrates well into the scalp and soothes the surface. You can buy Nalam hair oil and use it regularly for overall hair health from the roots to the tip.