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Jaggery (Nattu Vellam)

Shop awareness jaggery is not only rich in vitamins and nutrients, but is also tested for the high levels of Polyphenols.  These poly-phenols contain anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds and anti-cancerous compounds. Jaggery is known to be good for the lungs and also prevents cancer. The components present in jaggery can also prevent various other diseases including treating high blood pressure. In addition, jaggery can improve sexual stamina, sperm count, regulate menstrual problems such as Amenorrhea and cure infertility in women. Usage - Jaggery is a healthy substitute for refined sugar. Powdered can be used in a variety of recipes including juices.

Pure Coffee without Chicory (1kg)

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The pure coffee powder we have is scientifically tested for its purity.

Pure Cofee with Chicory (1kg)

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The pure coffee powder we have is scientifically tested for its purity.

Sugar Jaggery (Pure Naatu Sarkkarai)

Naatu sarrkarai or traditional brown sugar has a variety of benefits for health. Due to the presence of natural molasses, brown sugar contains high amounts of Calcium, selenium, Potassium, Iron and Magnesium. It is also rich in anti-oxidants and therefore builds immunity and prevents varied diseases. The sugarcane used in extracting YSA's Brown sugar is free from various pesticides making it healthy and safe for consumption. This sugar can be added to various recipes and is also safe for direct consumption.  

YSA Blackstrap Molasses

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The wonder of  molasses is that unlike refined sugar, molasses contain vital vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6, and selenium. Molasses from YSA is scientifically tested in our lab to ensure there are no pesticides. Sugarcane is usually grown with large pesticides but the sugarcane used in manufacture of these molasses do not contain pesticides. YSA molasses also contain large number of phyto-chemicals which are beneficial for health.