Pure Cultured Vedic Cow Ghee (A2 Milk)

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  • Pure Desi Cow Milk (A2 milk only),
  • Cows are milked by hand
  • Use of Pure Desi Cow Yoghurt Culture
  • Traditional process: milk->  yoghurt->  butter-> ghee
  • Contains several healthy fatty acids that are important to health.
  • Mantra energized ghee

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Shop awareness ghee  is  made in the traditional way.
DHA content of ghrita prepared by traditional fermentation method, which may be attributed
to rich microbial flora used in starter curd culture.
Lactic acid bacillus cultures along with added lactose and fructose are shown to promote formation of conjugated linoleic
acid  DHA along with fat-soluble vitamins, anti-oxidants, and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) could be responsible for health benefits of ghrita.

What is cultured ghee?

How Shop Awareness’ ghee is made in the traditional way of making ghee:
⦁ The entire milk is first used to make yoghurt, using a pure desi cow yoghurt culture, which has not been mixed with other milk cultures.
⦁ The yoghurt is churned and turned into butter. Test our buttermilk with its probiotic effect!
⦁ The butter is simmered for a long time and converted into ghee.
Throughout the entire process, the ghee is energized with the chanting of specific mantras, by the persons who are making the ghee.
Most of the ghee that can be bought in the market is nowadays made only from the cream of the milk, which is directly converted into ghee, without the fermentation process of making yoghurt.
Contact us for further information on the benefits of cultured ghee, cow breeds, and how you can help to preserve India’s treasure of pure desi cows.
Shop Awareness is also making Mantra-infused Brahmi Ghritam to improve memory.

Health Benefits of Ghee includes:

⦁ Improves digestion
⦁ Reduces inflammation,
⦁ Promotes weight loss
⦁ Strengthens the bones
⦁ Balances your hormones
⦁ Improves vitality by maintaining a healthy metabolism

Furthermore, ancient Indian Ayurvedic texts, especially Caraka Samhita states that ghee promotes
⦁ memory,
⦁ intelligence,
⦁ semen, and
⦁ ojas.
Sushruta points out further medicinal uses of ghee, which increases:
⦁ wisdom,
⦁ intelligence,
⦁ complexion,
⦁ voice,
⦁ beauty and softness of the body,
⦁ vigor, strength, and span of life;
⦁ it is an aphrodisiac, and is
⦁ good for vision.

However, the maximum health benefits and optimum results will be gained only, when the ghee is made from pure Desi Cow’s milk and made in the traditional way (made from yoghurt and butter).

Desi Cow: What does that mean?

So when we say that our ghee is made from pure desi cow milk, then we mean the traditional Indian desi cow that is not used for dairy industry. Shop Awareness’ mission is to make you aware of their value and to preserve their existence for our future generations.
What are the qualities of the pure Indian desi cow’s milk?
⦁ Pure A2 milk from humped cow.
(Humpless cows, like Jersey and Holstein cows, produce so called A1 milk. It has a negative impact on the digestion, which can even be seen with a mixture of A1 and A2 milk, as present in cross breeds).
⦁ Easy to digest and yellowish in colour (more ojas as known in Ayurveda).
⦁ Less yield as compared to dairy cows, but higher quality.


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