YSA’s Nalam Nellikai Lehiyam

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This Yshopawareness’s tested Nalam Nellikai Lehiyam product, lights up the health Awareness in your family and also to spread it to your friends by giving them as a gift pack.

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YSA’s Nalam Nellikai Lehiyam (200 gm)
Nellikkai Legiyam (Amla) has Amal along with other ingredients of Deepavali lehiyam which protects our vital organs from the damage caused by eating sweets and savories made of refined sugars, oils, carbohydrates and trans-fats. Amla is an important ingredient in Triphala and many Ayurvedic and Siddha medicines that helps in liver to do its detoxification activities. If we do not help liver to do it’s functions, then it creates imbalance in cholesterol and sugar levels leading to fatty liver problems and other vital organs as well. This legiyam also protects to a certain extant from smoking, alcohol abuse and environmental pollutants. Amla along with long and black pepper, licorice, coriander seeds, ginger, nutmeg, Ajwan, cumin, poppy seeds, and Alpina calcarata form an ingenious mixture of ingredients that ensures right amounts of antioxidant and polyphenols needed to protect our body. Many research studies shows that these ingredients also improve our gut microbiome and brings overall health of the body. Made with various tested ingredients with high medicinal values, this healthy and tasty paste is recommendation to be consumed one teaspoon for adults and half to quarter teaspoon for children just  before breakfast. This can also be taken throughout the year in small amounts to prevent from colds or to get rid of phlegm and excess mucus. This is very important to our children and youth to consume this to protect for pollutants and toxic food ingredients for their future health to prevent from diseases. This shopawareness tested product is an ideal gift to any family or friends whom you care about.


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